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Originally Posted by trooper Tdiesel View Post
so do i have this right?
its a 7.3L IDI N\A, with E4OD auto trans 25% O\D, and 3.55 gears

if it is, direct drive will put you right at the 1,800 rpm MAX torque at 45 mph
factory turbo IDIs are 1,400 rpms
and the first power strokes 1994 1/2 year model, are 2,000 rpms for MAX torque.
non turbo 7.3Ls and 6.9Ls had two HP ratings each.
166 and 185 depending on what country they where made in.
don't remember what the 6.9Ls rating is but its a little less.

using your truck for work, you may know this but if not, read up......
are two auto trans fords 89 and 94 do a very strange thing but they do it from the factory

if the hazards are on it makes the converter stay unlocked, at all times.
same as pushing the brake and fuel peddle at the same time and unlocking the converter. the hazards use the same wiring as the brake peddel and delock the converter.

we KFC COUNTRY FRIED a E4OD with the 12.5K dozer on the trailer do to this.....

also for some E4ODs some do it with out help.
when you lock it in 2nd gear with the shift lever and go WOT with out the hazards on...
you can lock the converter in 2nd gear. about 300/400 rpm drop on a steep hill pull with a big load a massive drop in trans temp
but if you take your foot off the fuel peddle, you must repeat the proses.
yeah.thats my setup,but with shorter than stock tires for an actual gear ratio of 3.84.1
so in overdrive im hanging around 1400 rpm @ 45 mph.

yeah,i read that hazard lite thing before.i checked it out and hit my flashers going down the road at 40,and sure enough.
what it did though was lock and unlock with the flashes lol,very odd.of course i turned them right back off,after just a couple probably isn't good for it lol.
but i never have a use for them driving so fast,and would have never found this issue on my own at lockup speed.
when plowing though,im never going fast enough that the TC would lock,so there's no issues there.i experience no problem with flashers on when plowing,cus im only going like 10 mph max.

ok,this last part i haven't heard before.interesting.


on another note,
this front air dam is looking like it's VERY effective on my truck.
this is all i have to say so far,because im only down 3/4 tank and don't want to jinks it.

I drive so slow and easy,Id put granny to sleep.

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