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Originally Posted by skyking View Post
I'll just leave this here for the pop-top dreamers. I especially like the drill motor option. Great work guys, I can't wait to try my library for that book.

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I don't know, it probably isn't THAT difficult to lob the end of a trailer roof with a hing into a slant.

I've thought of making a pickup truck camper that was hinged so it could angle down from the tow vehicle while driving but pop up enough for me to enter without extreme pain..

I would think the original poster could cut a wedge and hinge the rear section of his trailer that just boxes in the car for some gain, just have the pieces hinged so they can fold out or remove them altogether and use canvas.

Also as an added effect most of "those" kind of trailers have more than enough room in the roof to the point of being excessive anyway, so a permanent curve might be workable and have little or no effect on access.


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