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Thanks Chromedome, sorry for the delayed reply...

TBH, I do think tadpoles are a lil... odd looking save for the form following function aspect ofc *shrug* I've dabbled a bit with trying for a "pretty" motorized bike* & while I do like it, it's got about a 100 mile range maximum - or to be more accurate, I've got about a hundred miles I can put up with before I'm totally sore & exhausted, despite the sprung forks & seat and it's balloon tires.

While I've done my best to quiet it, the noise & vibration of the cheap two stroke has a lot to do w/it as well...

Which is ofc what lead me to look into a four stroke/electric suspended tadpole

*a (mostly) 1943 Rollfast;

photo album: Rollfast pictures - Photobucket
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