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The rare earth metals is an issue. Unfortuantely there isn't much we can do about it. China has em and we need them to make EVs. There are companies looking to make motors without rare earth metal parts, but I'm not sure they're really catching on or are cost effective.

The battery packs aren't really toxic for most EVs since they're now using lithium. Hybrid nickle metal hydride still are toxic of course. But, all batteries are pretty easy to recycle and are worth a fair amount in scrap because of their precious materials.

The grid thing also really isn't an issue in most areas. Many thought it would be but companies have been doing studies and its been found that we can get a ton of EVs on the road without any issues. It'll take years to get that many EVs on the road before this becomes a problem.

As for pollution of a car vs a coal plant powering an EV its been found that in almost all cases the EV still puts out less emissions even if the electricity comes completely from a coal plant.
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