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Thanks BIG Dave!
Not much snow here in Sacramento!!

exactly Brucepick.....

Somethings I have learned since kindergarden......
The polycarb product can REALLY bend and not shatter or weaken. On my first set, I used 1" squaring metal(it comes w/ the 90degree angle), that I hammered on to make about 120degrees. I had one at each end. When I bolted the end of the skirt to the metal the skirt was forced to curve at the end.

Since then I got new tires that are slightly larger in diameter.
Now I REALLY need that curve if I want to drop down all the way to where the body panel states to curve back in.

So I bought a 1.5 inch piece for the front and a 2" for the back.

I probably could have gotten the curve out of the skirt withuot a problem.
1. a wanted to aviod the 'flapping' at the center that i refered to.
2. with the metal strip, I can get the arch at the ends and keep it flat along the tire.

ps: I found out the arch in the fender, the opening for the tire is a perfect 1/2 circle (I know.....duh) I was able to layout the skirt with a string and a pen.
My first ones were not cut in a perfent curve and looked "homemade". My goal is to have these look more 'factory'.

I am going to paint all the parts the factory silver color.
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