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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Any new pictures of the car ?
Hi Cd,


About two months ago, I sanded off 95% of the Bondo Spackling Putty, as I have now found out that it's adhesive qualities are questionable on fiberglass. And there is a picture I took off a 1 inch diameter flake ready to fall off during the sanding operation.

Next came one month of adding epoxy/glass sphere mix to the entire surface and smoothing it out again. It took me about two weeks to figure out how to properly work with the stuff since it is so different than body putty.

Two weeks ago, I started adding gray primer paint. There are probably five coats applied, with most of it sanded back off.

I spent the entire day sanding two heavy coats of gray primer paint with 60 grit wet sand paper. A lot of work, but the finish is slowly getting smoother.

Just finished glassing the under side of the tail today as well.

The weather is quickly getting cooler so the tail should be "completed" for winter's driving.

No red paint yet, as several spots have already "bubbled" from the sun's heat on the gray paint, which I would guess, gets about 150F with direct sunlight on a hot summer day. Too hot to hold your hand on very long.

One bubbled section was about 2 inches in diameter and when I cut the fiberglass away, what did I see? A nice patch of spackling that swelled up!

Note to self: DO NOT USE WATER BASED PRODUCTS ON HIGH QUALITY AUTO BODY PANELS. Well to be honest I have never had bad luck with Elmers Glue on foam projects in the past, but the Spackling has kicked my butt twice now. Both times swelling up beyond it's normal "dried" dimensions.

At least the primer paint is automotive quality at $35 per quart. Don't forget the hardener ($35 per quart). The paint will take days to setup without it. Don't ask me how I know.

I can actually sand with my dislocated left shoulder now. It really helps to have almost two arms again.

I'm hoping to get the tail back on the car in about a week or so.


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