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Originally Posted by Arragonis View Post
I have started a cold, which means I will have it for the weekend.
Originally Posted by 320touring View Post
Surekly thats good?

Chance to lie on the couch, with the duvet, requesting that you be fed chicken soup at regular intervals, and that beer is "medicinal"

and dont forget "the limp"
I find that Top Gear episodes go very well with beer, medicinally speaking. **cough** I may be coming down with something myself.

Back on the annoyance topic. I used to work for a PHB whose idea of scheduling was simple: leave everything until the last possible moment, then:
  • declare an emergency
  • demand that your minions do the work you failed to do
  • demand that the work be performed within the next hour
Now in a new position, I thought I was rid of him. But nnnnoooooooo. My new team sometimes relies on his group for tasks. He is still up to the same tricks, only now instead of waiting for the emergency declaration, I anticipate his inaction and do his work for him in a more timely manner.

It still grates at me.
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