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Thanks KC!

Here's a special THANKS to the Streets and/or Water Department(s) of Kansas City, Missouri -- for leaving a water access plate with the pavement cut largely, sharply, and deep around it (to do whatever the heck), AND LEFT IT OPEN with no cover or hot patch.

So I drive along, see it, try to miss it, and KA-BLAMM! No such luck. It knocked the TSX way out of alignment and luckily didn't cut the tire or bend the rim. I'm really working this car's FE to 32mpg (up from 26) on this tank and now the alignment is making it harder to track and maintain momentum. Grr. THANKS!

Meh, it needs new rear tires and alignment anyway. I need to shop for low RRs, preferably Michelins (not having luck with other brands).

So, if you're driving up Holmes Rd. North from I-435 before Bannister -- LOOK OUT!

Postscript: Normally you can submit a claim to State and Local municipalities to pay for damages. Kansas City? Good luck. If it was on a State Highway or Interstate, MODOT has a great record of getting folks compensated. A dishonorable mention to city of Belton, MO, for leaving a construction project unprotected and taking out 2 tires, motor mountS, and alignment 5 years ago. Pictures were taken, etc, but no compensation. THANKS!

So THANKS to those responsbily for the crappy road conditions -- you know who you are

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