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Nice work redyaris! Do you have any photos to post that show your current configuration?

An update on my Chinese 200. Still getting about 79mpg US regularly. No P&G, EOC or any advanced techniques. Freeway speeds are just about 100km/h, anything faster and the consumption goes way up. Tucking down gets almost exactly 5mph faster with the same throttle setting. I really need better aerodynamics with only 12hp available. Took a trip to the other side of the Cascade range last week for work. The steep mountain roads and running WOT in 4th at rpm somewhere between maximum torque and horsepower took a toll on the consumption - about 66mpg US for that trip.

Thinking about doing a high-velocity intake port modification this winter to improve mid range and hopefully mileage. Maybe increase compression a bit while I'm in there. Also I may try to make the aftermarket exhaust a little quieter. I like how quiet the stock is now though but it kills power and I'm sure is eating a few MPG due to the restriction, I'm running at 80-100% all the time on the freeway.

This little bike just doesn't have a very efficient combustion chamber. Simple, yes. Just not efficient. The counter balancer adds friction as well, but the smoothness is really nice.

Good design is simple. Getting there isn't.
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