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I have been finding out what works in terms of EOC on a motorcycle and it is that any time you can see a stop or slow down ahead you should pull and hold in the clutch and use the killswitch to turn off the engine, after 2 or 3 seconds put the killswitch back in the run position and EOC to the stop or bumpstart in top gear and switch to the appropriat gear and drive on... as you get the "habit" you will find more and more situations to use it.
The only changes to the GS500 not is the GARAGE pictures, is the behind the rear wheel boat tail, which seems to have had a larger impact than I had emagined it would.
With respect to your plans for your bike I suggest that you stick to aeromodds as more power means more fuel... as you know. the area that would provide max benifit is tapered and fitted cargo boxes on the sides behind the riders legs, and some kind of boatail behind the rear wheel, non of which will change the utillity or ergonomics of the bike [getting on and off...]. you might find that then you can have the extra 5mph with out tucking down, plus the same mpg at 5mph higher speed...?
Cleaning up the ports and matching surfaces may help a bit but they all mean more fuel use. Higher compresion could help FE?
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