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redyaris, my commute has three possible stops in 30 miles, and two are predictable so I back off early keeping an eye to not impede traffic too much. As a percentage, the EOC doesn't do too much over a cluch in coast, I do however shut off on coast down at the one light if I know I'll be there for at least 15 seconds or so - helps engine cooling.

Agreed on making the aero better on the trailing surfaces.

I'm debating on how far I want to go with aero. There are still efficiency gains to be had with engine optimization that will also provide additional power to the wheel. I'm looking to sell the bike in the spring (or sooner) and would like to keep the appearance pretty close to stock.

I think the real solution starts with a lower seat height to minimize frontal area. The Yamaha 250 Virago v-twin design has a really efficient little motor, a low seat height and combined with taller gearing is a real MPG winner. Adding aero to this bike should improve comfort, MPG and of course storage capacity, and possibly looks if done well.

The plan for the Yamaha Virago 250 (or chinese clone) is narrrow drag bars, a cut down and reshaped seat, a front fairing from a Hyabusa suitably modified, tapering side panels behind the riders legs, a rear cone and a fully enclosed land speed racer front fender fairing. I'd also like to extend the swingarm and middle of the frame about 4 - 6" to relocate the seat back farther and several inches lower. I'm thinking as much of an aerodynamic styling exercise as much as a practical aerodynamic exercise. It works in my mind and with gradeschool quality sketches, hopefully I can translate it into metal and plastic someday.
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