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Originally Posted by JoJotheTireMan View Post
I was referring to hills on our highways, speed limit back then was 55mph and barely pulling off 45mph over some hills was nerve racking back then, never mind now that the speed limit is 65mph and it seems, around here at least, that the majority are going 75+mph. I didn't think it was overly economical to hold the peddle to the floor in 3rd gear all the way up the larger hills, and that was with all 4 cylinders.
Cut that down to 2 and I would think you would find some hills that you just can't climb, you may but I wouldn't want any part in trying to lug up a hill on the highway going 20-30mph as the whirr of 75+mph traffic goes screaming by. Just doesn't seem to pay off, risk vs reward.

I am all for economy, but done safely.
I mean, if your not worried about going too slow on the highway, then why not ride a moped at 35-40mph and get 100+mpg, no?
Sure, but I am not too sure that you would live long enough to see the potential fuel savings, well in my neck of the woods at least, out in the country it may be less crowded, but around here the roads are crazy, chuck full of speeding massholes who all seem to be in such a hurry to race up to the next red light or stop sign.

Best of luck with your car. JoJoTheTireMan
Mopeds are not legal on freeways here but perfectly legal on secondary roads.
Here if your going below 45 MPH your required to put on your emergency flashers. and usually there is a truck going slow up the hills. If i am streamlined i can gain more going down than the trucks can. I just pick the truck that has about the same power to weight as i do, to run with. Any time you are running full rack on a diesel and converting all that power into potenial energy you are being efficient no matter what gear and then coast down the next hill for free.The slower your speed up the hill the greater percentage is being stored in the mass of your vehicle and the less lost to push the air.
I have noticed people driving a lot slower the last few days. i think it's starting to hurt the imbeciles with 7 ladders on top of their truck arranged in the most aero inefficient manner possible, driving at 70 mph in a 60 zone. When you can make more money per hour by slowing down than rushing to the job site, then you will see traffic really slowing down. People don't know how little their time is really worth. Keep in mind if you slow down to the speed limit, everyone behind you is saving money also. I am finding people just don't want to be the first one, but once someone is going slow then they follow contently for miles. There will always be some who need a 2 X 4 up side the head to get their attention but their wallets are starting to smoke.
I have found reman. heads for the 1.6L soon to be 0.8L VW diesel for $400. Is that too much?

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