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Originally Posted by diesel_john View Post
Mopeds are not legal on freeways here but perfectly legal on secondary roads.
Here if your going below 45 MPH your required to put on your emergency flashers. and usually there is a truck going slow up the hills. If i am streamlined i can gain more going down than the trucks can. I just pick the truck that has about the same power to weight as i do, to run with. Any time you are running full rack on a diesel and converting all that power into potenial energy you are being efficient no matter what gear and then coast down the next hill for free.The slower your speed up the hill the greater percentage is being stored in the mass of your vehicle and the less lost to push the air.
I have noticed people driving a lot slower the last few days. i think it's starting to hurt the imbeciles with 7 ladders on top of their truck arranged in the most aero inefficient manner possible, driving at 70 mph in a 60 zone. When you can make more money per hour by slowing down than rushing to the job site, then you will see traffic really slowing down. People don't know how little their time is really worth. Keep in mind if you slow down to the speed limit, everyone behind you is saving money also. I am finding people just don't want to be the first one, but once someone is going slow then they follow contently for miles. There will always be some who need a 2 X 4 up side the head to get their attention but their wallets are starting to smoke.
I have found reman. heads for the 1.6L soon to be 0.8L VW diesel for $400. Is that too much?
Indeed, the moped thing was more of a joke, but you get the idea.
I hope you can drive a .8L NA diesel and not get killed and/or run off the road. Best of luck, really.
I too have noticed that there are a lot more people driving the speed limit on the highways these days, and your right it is just recently, maybe it was the $3.50/gallon mark or something, who knows, but it's about time.
If everyone else slows down, then it will lower our demand for fuels, and in turn lower the price.....yeah I know wishfull thinking more than anything.
Really wierd part of the time argument is this, I go 110 miles round trip every day. I used to hammer along at 85+ the whole way (and I got 30 mpg doing it) and my best times ever were just under an hour.
Now, I have slowed down to 70mph max, usually 65ish, and I am EOCing any hill that is big enough to not lose much speed on, restarts at 60mph, pulse at top of hill before shutdown is max of 75mph. I just got 37.5mpg on my last tank this way. Not too bad as my car is EPA rated at 21/29.
All that said, and my typical time to commute to work and back, still just about an hour on the button, I don't even notice any extra time, so you are 1000% right, just not worth it to be in such a hurry these days.
Absolutely no clue how much you should pay for a reman diesel VW head, just haven't bought anything for a VW diesel since the early 90s.
I got stranded twice in cold weather with a tank full of jello, and hence have not owned a diesel since.
Also to note, gas was $.99/gallon and diesel was $.79/gallon back then, now those were the days to own a 50mpg diesel rabbit :-)
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