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Originally Posted by JoJotheTireMan View Post
I agree with all your input on forced induction characteristics, but my real quetion is this:
which would be more efficient for a commuter car
a NA 4 banger 2.0L
or a supercharged 1.0L?
Loaded question. You can manifest most anything if you have the cubic dollars to spend. I've tuned 750 whp two liter engines that net 0.39 bsfc, which is better than any mill currently put out by the OEMs that I am aware of.

That being said it's going to be much easier to make your 2 liter fuel efficient than any FI car that will require boost to pull the vehicle up even mild hills. There is a lot to be said for the KISS principle. I take on a lot of odd projects, but I wouldn't even attempt yours for practical reasons. Better to spend your money de-stroking your engine or the like, would result in a more reliable and less expensive solution.

Originally Posted by JoJotheTireMan View Post
You said:
"You make less power than if the engine was kept stock, since less than 2 time 1/2 the engine does not equal 1."

I agree, and that is the point here. I am only out to make slightly more power than 1/2 the engine would make.
I am not after a net gain here, I am after a net loss!
Less HP/TQ will require less fuel to achieve, no?
Probably not. FI cars like to run rich for combustion chamber cooling reasons, between the loss of pumping efficiency and richer mixtures under boost - which you WILL have to hit due to the lower power level of the setup -you will net a power and FE loss.
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