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That lithium info was very interesting.

The big downside to lithium is that initial investment.
Even if they DO last that much longer, you still have to shell out the money in the first place.

Maybe if I sell enough Electric Motorcycle DVDs, I can save up for a set!

I did meet a guy this summer who built a VERY nice electric motorcycle with lithium batteries. I'm hoping he brings his cycle up to our EV meet tomorrow. It is his second motorcycle design. The first one was a 36V lead-acid cycle.

One thing good about working on projects like these, is that they really do build both knowledge AND confidence!

I think a cycle would be a better first investment in lithium than a car, just because of the smaller pack size and lower cost. The other thing with lithium is that if you screw it up, it's a more expensive pack you just killed!

I'm sure that whatever my next project is, it will involve lithium batteries. I just may need a sponsorship for it!
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