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Turtle Gee and all this time I thought FI was for FE(Precise Control)

Most FI cars out there are trying to run in the 14.7/1 range all the time.
The only time they go rich is during WOT.
If you live at WOT then you may not be looking for FE any way.
I believe the idea has merit and would like to see some one here make a valid attempt. Thank You DieselJohn & JoJo.
FYI, I ran a 318 V8 Dodge for 10 months on 6 cyl because I (stupidly) blew the head (Not gasket) between 2 adjacent cyls.
It was FI and I disconnected the fuel injectors and grounded the plug leads to those cyl's until I had the money to repair the beast.
This was before I became interested in FE so I have no clue what the MPG was.
It did run (not smooth) and I used it for work and hauling engines & transmissions up the road forever.
I fixed it and then sold it(needed money)
For this example alone I believe their idea will work.
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