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Attendance was pretty good. It was twenty-some folks there.

Out in the parking lot we had:
Brian's Lithium Pickup Truck
Tom L's Lithium El-Camino
Thomas' Electric Leopard (LeCar)
a Kandi Coco (brand new NEV class vehicle)

and 3 electric motorcycles
my Kawasaki
The Sparkster, 60V Harley
and Tony's Lithium Suzuki.

The last vehicle was my favorite. I met Tony at the Detroit Makerfair. He works as an auto tech for Tesla Chicago. He drove up special for the meeting and brought his bike.

The El-Camino (EL-El-Camino!?!?) was sporting new BLUE lithium batteries. What happened to his previous Thunderskys? I asked. They are available for sale. Anyone want to help with donations so I can afford to buy them?! An El-Camino's worth of Thundersky easily equals one electric Geo Metro PLUS one electric motorcycle! It's just a matter of funds! (If you seriously DO want to donate.......VISIT HERE.

I did get to ride Tony's cycle. WOW was that fun. It has the same controller as my cycle, but it's 72V instead of 48 and 450 amps instead of 300. Also, his cycle has higher gearing to take advantage of the increased amp-rating. It's really fun, but I still like the comfort of the "standard" type motorcycle. On the sport bikes, you crouch so far forward, I just can't imagine that being fun for long.

The acceleration and speed on his cycle are GREAT though! I chased him around the parking lot for a little bit with a camera mounted on my cycles handle bars. The best part is at the end, where he twists his throttle the REST of the way, and just takes off!

I have a video of it going up on YouTube soon.

Oh crazy... The way I am viewing this post right now. There is a video ad right under this text. That is NOT my video!
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