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Originally Posted by Waspswatter View Post
How would you clean up the undercarriage? I have some ideas, but what would you recommend? Some of that junk under there hangs pretty low. It'd be hard to make a fiberglass bellypan or something like that.
My belly pan bulges downward to clear some hardware. For some cross-wise suspension arms I kinda wish I would have just cut away the belly pan to clear them. It's always a judgement call and a compromise, but you should get good benefits either way. And it's easier working under a truck than under a Civic!!

For cars, most of us use coroplast. It's like corrugated cardboard but is extruded plastic, so doesn't rot. Cuts with a knife. Large spans may need framing for support. Buy 4x8 sheets from sign shops; I paid $20/sheet. Pick up free material right after Election Day - lots of campaign signs are made of coroplast. For a current project I plan to use some 2.7 mm. Lauan plywood, primed with oil base house paint, slightly thinned. About $7.50/sheet, and quite stiff. Cuts pretty easy too.

For ideas and info - Look around in the Aerodynamics subforum. Just search for truck belly pan, pickup belly pan, jeep belly pan. I've seen a few threads by guys who did belly pans under trucks, and at least one under a Jeep. You'll find various solutions to the different issues you'll come across.

I know one used regular plywood for a belly pan. I think he didn't even prime it - but I had some plywood mods on my old Volvo that I primed; worked out pretty well. A beloved family member ruined the mod before the weather did.

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