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If you can have an aerodynamic shape, reduced weight, and reduced displacement and rpms, you should be able to produce really impressive mpg in a 4WD beast. IMHO (in my humble opnion).

So far in this thread, I think the only fixed requirements are 4WD and hopefully 40 mpg or better. If the other project definers are still open then weight, aerodynamics and power train specifics will determine the mpg. The 4WD drivetrain will reduce mpg from what it would be if that weren't needed - but it's NOT a show stopper.

Nearly all 4WD's on the new/used market are relatively boxy and not lightweight. Those that aren't, tend to be built for "performance" (Subaru WRX and Audi Quattro/S4).

People + cargo capacity, shape, and other requirements may still be open - but SOURKRAUT may have some requirements in mind there.

Subaru could make such a car but they don't seem to be interested. Their stuff is all either heavy, or go-fast, if not both. And their bodies are not built for low drag.

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