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Originally Posted by SecondNature View Post
I'm considering purchasing and installing one of these products, which is an electronically controlled replacement for a car's PCV valve. The "results" posted by the company and by the few reviews I've read seem impressive, but I'm sort of skeptical due to the scarcity of published empirical evidence. The device has won an award or two (including the Green and Health Expo's Emerald Award for most outstanding product), and claims to reduce emissions while boosting mpg and engine life. The company, however, is very small, and I have yet to read a real, blunt third party review of the product by an auto magazine or anything of the like. I figured if anyone has tested it out and knows what's what, its someone on this board. So, does it work? Is it worth the money? and if nobody has tried it, does it look worth trying?

The company that makes the product is called SaviCorp and is based out of Santa Ana, CA.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
ok, you should of posted link to company/product but anyway .

After looking at the product and what it is doing , I would have to say i don't think much of it as they do on bettering the PVC system .

lets first look at a properly running PVC system , whether its a orifice or spring loaded valve , the PVC draws from crankcase into the engine IM but it also is pulling fresh air from the vent tube on valve cover to aircleaner/intake tube .

So unless you have really bad blowby that OEM PVC can't pull anymore than the valve lets in i don't see much to opening it up more .

On to what happening, well if you remove the restriction of PVC at low speeds it means your bypassing the throttle body air as your letting in more through valve.
This is where mpg comes from as on injected motor the throttle sensor is now not seeing extra air so in affect it could be leaning and affecting ignition timing depending on how its programed (OEM ECU )

Why don't they show some emission readings before an after ? . That would be first thing I would show on a device like this .

[ links removed - just google the company if you want]

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