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Uprising 2.0

Hey Everyone,

I have just finished Uprising 2.0. Before I ordered the PCB, I decided to ask a friend what he though. He gave me some ideas and I changed some stuff around.

Changes are:

Full dc-dc power isolation
Full Opto isolation on inputs and outputs
Additional Low Voltage Detection

I also reworked alot of the isolation areas so there shouldn't be any problems.

One other note is I had to remove 1 General input. Total is 5 now.

Here are the updated Schematic and Layout.

Uprising Rev2 Sch by AdamBrunette, on Flickr

Uprising Rev2 by AdamBrunette, on Flickr

Also, I have finished the design for the 3 module driver board. This will drive 3 CM400DU-12F IGBT's or similar. It uses 1 VLA-500 Driver module.

The board also makes use of the Desat detection and *SHOULD* be able to generate a fault back to the controller on short circuit. Only way to know if it works, is to test it.

Here is the Schematic and Layout for Rev1.

3 Module Driver Sch by AdamBrunette, on Flickr

3 Module Driver by AdamBrunette, on Flickr

I will be working on the driver board in a few weeks when I can save some more money for getting the board made. I ordered the control board which came to $53 and should be here in a week. The site says $33 each, but they dont tell you about the $20 S&H..... When I can save another $53 I will order the driver board, But for now, Im spending my budget on developing the control board.

Alright, Time for bed. I will be ordering the parts for the control board on Thursday, So I will get some preliminary prices then.

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You can download RTD Explorer for the Cougar controllers at
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