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Ecomodder bumper stickers

I came up with some ideas for ecomodder bumper stickers. Unfortunately I don't think they would make much sense because non-ecomodders wouldn't get the humor.


(Sorry, I can't seem to get the images to show up directly in the post.)

Here's the texts:

1) It's an aerodynamic wouldn't understand.
2) Brakes?! We don't need no stinking brakes!
3) Get the government out of my gearbox! Repeal anti-coasting laws!
4) I'll turn my engine back on when I'm good and ready!
5) Keep tailgaiting me--it'll improve my aerodynamics.
6) Warning: this vehicle makes frequent pulses & glides.
7) Kick (crossed out) Pass Me.
8) Red lights are evil.
9) Go ahead and pass me--I'll return the favor at the next red light.
10) Note to self: Remember to fill up this month.
11) Don't laugh--it gets unbelievable mileage!
12) Just because you want to waste fuel doesn't mean I have to!

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