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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Hi .Cd - please post the URL of the page before you click the link, and also the URL of the link itself so we can try to reproduce it.

Also maybe I'm confused, but when I'm in the thread, I don't even see a link for "first unread post". I see that link only when viewing the forum (list of threads) which appears as this icon to the left of the thread title:

Nevermind Darin. I think I see the problem.
When I click on "view first unread post" it links me to the page with the first unread post, but does not actually change the page.
I saw the option on this thread here as well. When I clicked it, it brought me to this post. When I tried it a second time, it kicked me to the front page of the site, just like I was experiencing with Andrews' thread.
Just to check, I went to the first page of this thread and clicked the page number that this latest post is on and lo and behold - the option for 'view first unread post' is not there.
If none of this makes any sense, it may be due to the fact that I'm dead tired ruight now.
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