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Teggy - '98 Acura Integra LS
Sports Cars
90 day: 32.74 mpg (US)

IMA - '10 Honda Insight EX
Team Honda
90 day: 34.76 mpg (US)

Tessie - '06 Acura TSX Base
90 day: 28.2 mpg (US)
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Note: NOT all technique...

Car mfgr: Acura
Car model/body style: Integra LS, 3-Door
Year: 1998
Engine size (displacement/cyl): 1.8L / I-4
Transmission type (auto/manual): 4-Speed Automatic with locking torque converter and "Hill Logic Control"

MPG info:

MPG before hypermiling: 24-25
MPG currently achieved: 34


Location of primary driving (country/state): Kansas City Area
Miles driven per year: ~15,000

*Max timing advance
*Winter Grille Block
*Transmission-Throttle Cable Tightened to Max Limit
*Cruise Control Throttle-Limiting System (CCTLS) (limits maximum throttle in cruise)
*Temperature-Adjustable Air Intake -- Target = 100F (WAI)
*PCV Bypass Oil Catch Bottle
*ScanGuage-II Monitoring and Feedback
*Synthetic Transmission Fluid Change
*Davis CarChip E/X OBD-II DataLogger
*Seafoam Cleanse x3 (Manifold); x1 Crankcase
*192-Degree Thermostat (170 = Stock)
*LRR Michelin MXV4-Plus XSE Tires
*Tire Over-Inflation
*OEM Engine Block Heater (with timer)
*Antenna Mod
*Exhaust manifold heat shield delete (for under-hood heat: intake, etc.)
*Splash Guard Delete x4 with underbody pans behind the rear wheels


*Moderate Acceleration to 35 (TC lockup), with throttle-lift shifts
*Gradual Acceleration after TC lockup
*Light Timing / DWB
*DWL / Pulse-Glide (hills only)
*Corridor Effect
*Manual A/C operation when needed, or vent-only / windows cracked on highway -- down in town
*Coast, Coast, Coast...
*Minimal EOC (messes with the transmission computer and the TC lockup calcs)
*Lower Highway Cruising Speed
*Engine-off idle (if >1 Minute)
*Downshift on decel (if necessary) to keep engine speeds in DFCO range

I think that covers most of it

“If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be called research” ― Albert Einstein

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