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Originally Posted by toc View Post
There is just one set of lights on my usual trip to work, the total trip takes around 15 minutes - how can I be sure that the battery won't be worn down in a hurry doing that?

Then I'd have to consider engine off coasting using clutch to start - this would mean the alternator would then not be charging the battery (I'm not doing any of this yet in the new car - but thinking about it..)
Reasonable questions, but not the big issues you're worried they might be. The alternator will produce enough power when the engine is on to re-juice the battery in normal daytime driving. Pay attention to electrical load by turning off stuff you don't need: if you are running the radio at the stop light, then use the parking break to at least cut the brakelights. Cut the radio when you go to start. If I read my meter right, cutting these things makes more power available to the starter when you restart. Buy a charger: you'll get some or all of your money back in extended battery life.

But most importantly, enjoy the car and don't worry. It was well-engineered and will do what you need.

EDIT: just checked your Pulsar's page. Are you sure that curb weight is correct? 1200lbs is lighter than a VW bug, and half the weight of most civics circa 2000. Regardless, EOC and P&G are pathways to much more in MPG from this car. You've left a lot on the table.
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