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Yeah I'm sure there is a valve. It's part of the heater matrix and I have actually removed it once to clean it up when it got stuck. The reservoir is not in the car right now, as I'm working on it. For the valve I'm using a vacuum solenoid from a old Pontiac. I'm not sure if its going to last long, but we'll see. Also I bought some larger diameter hose. I wish I could fit the reservoir in the engine bay.

The Prius reservoir looks cool. If i had the money and the time, I'd look into making a vacuum insulated canister, but styrofoam will have to do for now. I'm sorry I don't have any actual pictures of my system; like all of my mods it's not very well documented. I don't have a garage, and it's been snowing the whole week so my projects tend to move along quite slowly. I'll try to get pictures when I start working on the passive version.
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