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What a neat idea. I would let the cooling system pump do the work, and use something like a wafer check valve, that opens at quite low pressure, so would open when the engine is started & running (and coolant is flowing), and would not permit flow when it's not running, keeping the heated water in the hot water tank by preventing thermo siphoning. I get that the wax phase change is a good energy storage & retrieval system, but initially, just using water to prove the system, would work quite well as well. Good point about the expansion of the fluid. Either a coil and tank system, or just get a bigger coolant reservoir. I'd go for the larger reservoir because it's easier. insulating the whole engine might also be an option. something like Rockwool or Kaowool (mineral fibre lagging material) would work just fine. This would place a higher demand on the cooling system though, as the block itself is not being cooled directly.
so... What is your progress on this?
I like the idea of putting it in the cabin of the car, probably under the drivers seat! Could be a slightly warmer car in the morning. The plumbing would run through the firewall and inside the centre console.
Keep us posted on progress.
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