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Originally Posted by amino View Post
The led was flashing as it normally does when you switch on and is supposed to stay steady after the contactor closes, if all is well.

How do you tell what condition the led is flashing? The Kelly controller has error codes, but I don't think the Open Revolt with the rev. 2C control board does.

Originally Posted by amino View Post
When I turned the key on, it would show the Precharge Fault and and High Pedal, which both cleared up after the precharge completed and the led stopped flashing. However, the contactor would not close.The led stayed on and would start flashing on applying throttle. However, the contactor would not close.

I have been trying to trace the fault. With the controller on the bench again, I checked the voltage at pin 2 of the optoisolator U9, and it reads 4.91V on switching on and 3.75V after precharge. There is no change at pin 4 though.
So the led starts flashing when you push the throttle?

Is a fault code shown in rtd? Does the data stream keep flowing?

Did you adjust te throttle like I mentioned, I would eliminate the dead band while testing.

Also, if you start rtd, go to file and save CSS, then excecise the controller into the fault and then close rtd. Email me this file at adamj12b AT

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