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I don't think it means a whole lot other than the fact that they have a patent. What they have their is a complicated way of projecting variations in the amount of fuel that can get pushed out through the injector under varying conditions. Fundamentally, their are probably some variations due to the things they suggest, but all things considered, the fact is that it's a on/off opening, under a relatively fixed pressure, in most cases. Consequently the amount of variation is going to be averaged out, effectively, since the Guino is going to be adjusted based on the amount of fuel actually used, so that the variation is averaged out.

The net result is the absolute, instantaneous figures could have a little variation, but the variation is averaged in and considered, so the instantaneous values include the variation. Consequently, in our use, the detail they are trying to claim a patent on is relatively, largely insignificant. It's sort of like measuring a gallon and then worrying about was that one teaspoon over or under, after you have done 10 gallons. Who cares, it doesn't matter, the overall accuracy is great for what it's used for and additional precision out to 100's or 1000's of a mile is prone to so many minute variables we couldn't track them, identify them or change them, so what?

The fact is that anyone can get file for a patent, on anything. The only real value in having a patent is so you can do something without someone else being able to claim that they have a patent and your infringing. Even if you have a patent and your patent is validated through a court based trial, it is virtually impossible to enforce and anyone can essentially make an end run on the patent by changing some simple, but critical nuance, like the sequence.

For Chrysler, it is probably nice they have the patent. It probably even keeps some attorneys employed. It probably doesn't do much or anything else.
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