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Dec 17 - VFD disassembly nearing completion

I spent another few hours trying to get this thing apart. For the most part, I've been successful.

I believe that the larger components can be re-used. These include:
- the 500 VDC electrolytic capacitors (two banks in series for 1000 VDC)
- the output terminals to connect to the motor
- the LEM current sensors which monitor the current out to the motor
- the DC bus fuse
- the capacitor mounting hardware
- the truly massive aluminum heat sinks
- the cooling fan

The transistors are not modern IGBTs. I have some research to do on them but they appear to be one or two generations older. I suspect that they are not as efficient as modern IGBTs (as evidenced by the size of the heat sinks). The driver electronics are separate boards. There are many signals between boards and a great deal of this design likely dealt with what I expect is a lot of signal noise.

Even if these transistors turned out to be efficient, there are too many interconnects for me to be confident in the outcome. It is unlikely that I will be able to assemble this properly after the cleaning is complete.

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