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Full Disclosure

Regarding the fuel pump cutoff.

I know I argued against it, but in the essence of "Full Disclosure", I had an interesting experience.

I replaced a fuel filter on a '95 Merc Mystique last weekend -- the process to relieve the fuel pressure in the line was to pull the fuel pump fuse and start the car until it stalled.

Much to my surprise, the car immediately stalled within 2-3 seconds.

(meanwhile, replaced the filter and the fuse)

Turned the key to on, heard the buzz of the pump for a second or 2, and the car started right up.

Pre-OBDII and no codes.

I haven't tried it on the 'Teg -- should there be a concern with the injectors trying to pump diminishing fuel supply (or lean-issues)?

Side Note: For those interested in buying a used car...

I don't know what team of "experts" designed the Contour/Mystique Zetec 4-cylinder. When rigorously maintained, it's an efficient engine (easy to attain 30 MPG). There's the kicker -- rigorous! The buildup of carbon into the EGR is a big problem. It also gunks up the idle air control valve and there's no idle screw -- all ECU controlled. Most are running around rattling teeth at the 450 RPM idle. Replacing the oil filter is a huge pain. The Peterbilt-sized filter barely squeezes through the suspension parts. The recommendation is to remove the right-front wheel to get to it easily. What if you use ramps? This (1995) model year had 7 recalls and terrible wiring. There are some wires to the fans with cracked insulation, exposing bare wire (heat/humidity was the culprit). '96-onward fixed most of the problems.

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