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Originally Posted by jakobnev View Post
It looks like the efficiency delta of the engine swamps the ditto of the generator.

There might still sweet spot towards the south east of the 240-zone tho:
(see above image.. I cannot post links images yet).
I'm trying to track down the volt BSFC and its source. You posted the chart but not the source, I'm curious where you got it.
Do you have some spec/manual I can site as the source? Since this has a generator chart it seems as if it must be volt/apmera specific since no other 0, generation 3 engine has the same type of generator. I'm curious since some posts about the volt said GM modeling said they could get better efficiency (closer to 50mpg) if they were running at 3500-3800 rpm, but it was not done because it was too noisy. ( google autoblog "where does erev technology go from here" to find an example article). However, that statement about better RPM range is not consistent with your posted BSFC.

Also your plot has a gold line for operational curve, but for the generator I would think it the torque would be at the generator so it would not be matched with the engine torque, which would be a combination of both the generator and the cards travel load. If the total engine load is 110nm @3000rpm, that might be split as 70nm for driving and 40nm for the generator load, or 50 for driving and 60 for generator or any other combination that add up to the total 110nm.

Thus your direct overlay of the operational line for the generator does not make sense to me?
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