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Originally Posted by 3-Wheeler View Post
Hi Jim,

OK, finally got around to looking at pictures taken of the car with the tail on and off and have updated the fuel mileage logs to reflect this....

Tail was taken off car at 06-05-11 and found water logged

Tail was put back on car at 09-25-11 after painting with primer.

Happy number crunching Jim.

I looked at the logs, but was unable to reach any conclusions from the tank fills. One of the best tanks occured when the tail was off the car, but your comments indicated a lot of FAS coasting on that tank. That could make a big difference in itself. Some of your later lower FE tanks were done with the tail on. I guess you are experimenting with a lot of stuff at once. I know you were concentrating mainly on trying to develop Crr by coastdown, so would not have expected much direct FE measurement. The overall tanks are very impressive, I just can't draw any FE conclusions from the data. Thanks for the good record

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