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Originally Posted by jimepting View Post
A great starting place for a new design might be a late model Formula Ford, with all the inboard springs/shocks and streamlined suspension arms. Fairings to the front wheels would'nt be much of a challenge. Then one could chop off the body and frame just behind the driver and convert the rear to some sort of rear single wheel drive. It might even be possible to add a tandem seat and a canopy.
That's why I liked the original VW 1L so much.... The tandem seating keeps the body width to a minimum and the length of the overall shape is utilized.

Originally Posted by jimepting View Post
An engine/drive train doesn't immediately come to mind, but the whole thing might work with a good 125cc motorcycle setup. I believe that Formula Fords are required to have mild steel tube frames, so fabrication wouldn't be all that difficult.
Wisconsin state regulations for frame materials mandates steel construction. No fiberglass or carbon fiber that I know of.

Originally Posted by jimepting View Post
The advantages of a "3-Wheeler" is that one can then register it as a motorcycle - in some states at least. Is that where the screen name came from
Yes, a three-wheel vehicle is known as a class #2 motorcycle here in Wisconsin. The requirements to get the vehicle road legal is that all salvaged items should be requisitioned from DOT road going vehicles. And no, ATV's are not considered a legal source of parts. I've had numerous discussions with my state inspector regarding this.

My handle is indeed based on the tadpole configuration.


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