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Originally Posted by TEiN View Post
I missed it...

The suspension and half-shafts contribute zero?
Yes, the suspension tubes add a little bit, but are very low. I would however, go to the bother of adding foam/fiberglass airfoils to them.

I my design, there are no half-shafts, and the vehicle is rear-wheel driven.

But if there were half-shafts, they could be enclosed in a foam/fiberglass housing that moves up/down with them if the air drag was considered a big deal.

Imagine how sleek the Aptera could be if the seating were tandem instead of side-by-side as it is now?

Interesting side note: has anyone noticed how the first Aptera's had rear wheel drive, and the newer versions have front wheel drive and half-shafts? Are they anticipating the Aptera to be driven in snow at some point? Not sure, but seems to be a possibility.


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