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Originally Posted by Formula413 View Post
You can purchase larger catch cans, and mounting brackets and such to go with them, they are sold for performance applications. Here's some examples on Summit and Jegs...
I took a look at the offerings, but they're not transparent, and look way too good I might try one on the TSX to keep it looking classy. I'll probably leave the Insight alone since it's still under warranty with free oil changes for a while -- I'm sure they would use it as an excuse to void something (kneejerk reaction from the EVO days -- they busted owners for Autocrossing at the time).

I've been running the exact same filter you have on my Firebird for a few years now. I can't tell from your pic if you removed the white filter element inside the cylinder or not. Mine is still in but I have heard that it should be removed, I may do this at some point. I empty mine when it gets filled to the bottom of that filter element, which is about half full, and that happens in about 400 miles. Here's a pic of mine, I mounted it to the cowl in front of the brake booster...
Clean install, by the way I removed the filter element as part of the design instruction -- I forget what it does. But yeah, mine gets fuller, faster, as time goes by. I'll admit, I installed it to see if it was a worthy mod as a "temporary" splice into the existing line. A few years later...

Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
I have a glass jar version that is TBInstalled for my car. It's on the infinite TODO list.
Perfect! What is the design plan?


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