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Trying to figure out the budget for a S-10 EV project

I am attempting to guess at what the parts will cost to do a EV conversion. I know that they aren't cheap, but I want to try and cut out unnecessary things. And I have no clue on what I am going to do about batteries yet. But, I put in a guess.

I got the initial price list from here and took some guesses at what I was going to need or not need.

I have a bunch of tools from working on my own car and doing other hobbies. I may also be able to borrow some from other people when needed.

Warp9 DC 9" motor $1,700.00
Adaptor plate and hub 750
Motor mount 137.5
Curtis-PMC1221B motor controller 750
Throttle controller 60
Main contactor 130
Main circuit breaker 110
DC/DC Converter 420
Voltmeter 48
Ammeter 48
Onboard battery charger (Do I need this onboard? I will only recharge at home) 550
Charger interlock relay 15
50 ft 2/0 welding cable 180
Cable lugs 144
Shrink tubing 5
Vacuum brake system 205
Heating system (I plan on using a space heater that runs only in the garage) 25
Electric wire and connectors 170
"Convert It" Manual 25
Hardware 300
Tools and supplies 100
Paint and supplies 100
Angle iron 50
Welding services 450
Flywheel resurfacing (or should I get a new lightweight one?) 55

Total $7,527.50

So, what costs could I change? Which ones aren't needed?

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