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I haven't made any commitment yet. So, if I find the perfect one that is on sale (and close to me), I would buy it. However, I would think that would be a long shot. Plus, I would probably have to pay sales tax on the full price (Although I'm supposed to pay on internet orders )

This weekend, I'll have to do some shopping to see if I can find better prices and write down where I found these prices. And I'll also have to see if getting a kit would save money (it would save some shipping costs)

I also found this price list from 2005:


Pickup Truck example:

Third, lets model a decent range pickup truck like a Chevy S10 built for 40-50 miles highway range to 80% discharge with flooded lead acid batteries. It will be able to hit 85 mph, 0-60 about 15 seconds with more powerful controller and 0-30 mph faster than a gas S10 so about a normal performing vehicle. The power will be limited by the batteries. However, it’s pulling torque will be extraordinary, easily capable of pulling stumps out of the ground and for towing. The batteries would be setup in a single string of 156V. The charge time would be approximately 8 hours from a 110V outlet, 3 hours from a 220V outlet.

-WarP 9'' series DC motor x1 $1,395
-Trojan T-105 6V flooded lead acid battery x26 $1,430
-Godzilla Controller(72-156V DC, 1,000 amp max) x1 $1,950
-Russco SC 50-240 Charger(5000 watts) x1 $1090
-CC Power Electronics 200W DC-DC converter(Headlights, wipers, radio, ect.) x2 $700
-Steel for battery racks $100
-Battery Cable $100
-EV200AAANA contactors x1 $75
-L25S-500 Littlefuse Safety Fuse(250 V, 500 amp) x3 $120
-Curtis Potbox(To control acceleration) x1 $75
-E-Meter x1 $235
-Solid-State Ceramic Heater Core x1 $75
-Adaptor Plate x1 $1000
-Miscellaneous components(Heat shrink tubing, ect.) $800

Total cost: $9,245, again, all your own labor not tallied in price, except for labor for adaptor plate, and no inclusion of the cost of the truck itself.

Again, time for the cost analysis:

The flooded battery pack would last you about 36,500 miles or so with 730 cycles to 80% discharge if, or up to 5 years or so, whichever comes first. $1430 for 36,500 miles life is a battery pack cost of $.0391 per mile. At $.08 per kWh of electricity achieving 300 wh/mile efficiency with a 75% charger efficiency and 70% battery efficiency, with $.005 per mile maintenance, total cost to operate comes out to $.08981 per mile.

Total cost of electric S10 per mile is $.08981
Total cost of gasoline Civic per mile is $.11666 (@ $2/gal...Ha)

This truck going 50 miles a day would be going over 18,000 miles per year. Cut the depth of discharge of the batteries significantly with a shorter commute, and you cut the cost a lot!
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