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For placing the batteries remember that the area where the gas tank is will be open for you to cut in to the floor of the car and drop a battery box down and out of the way, you also will get rid of the radiator, gas engine and a bunch of other stuff under the hood freeing up space up front, of course you need space for the motor and transmission but an electric motor takes up a lot less space then a gasoline engine does.
You might also look at Curtis controllers, they have been around for around 50 years and build some pretty solid speed controllers, because they have been around as long as they have and make speed controllers for all kinds of stuff it can make your head spin a little trying to pick one out and find the best price on it, but if you don't want to build your own then that is another option, otherwise there are some really high end, expensive speed controllers out there by NetGain and Zilla and a few other companies that are not coming to mind right now, just stay away from Kelly controllers unless you like stuff starting on fire.
If you do want to build your own speed controller a good quality electric soldering iron is key, I've used a soldering gun a bunch and never really cared for them, but a soldering iron with a good clean tip and some fine gauge silver bearing solder and you should pick it up quickly.
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