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Thanks for the sound advice, guys. I have my eBay app set to notify me when certain auctions come up, "1221C" and "1231C" being two of them. I erased the one for "Alltrax 7245" for now.

I may be bidding on something later today. Muah ha ha ha ha ha...ahem. I DO have some Christmas money to spend.

I looked up specs for the MX-3. Here is a comparison between it and a Metro:

Wheelbase 93.1 96.3
Length 149.4 165.7
Width 62.6 66.7
Curb Weight 1808 2443
Cargo Volume 21.9 36.6

What a beast!!

One more question: is it possible to run two controllers in parallel? Like a 48V 600A controller (hooked up to 8 batteries) in parallel with a 72V 450 A controller (hooked up the 8 battery 48V string with an additional 2 batteries in series. Just wondering, that's all. I realize it wouldn't save money. But it would to try.

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