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If you do go the route of building your own then keep a more open mind to the prospect of using scrap, used, or spare parts. What is available will depend on what is in and around your town/city of residence.
Also, i'm still very much an EV Rookie so don't take my word as gospel.

Warp9 DC 9" motor = $1,700.00
used DC motor from a forklift junk yard = $60 to $180 (I paid $60 for mine)
Refurbish motor cost (DIY) = $20 - $40

Adaptor plate and hub 750
Possibility: buy a small sheet of metal and pay a hobby mechanist to custom make one for you. Price: $200

Motor mount 137.5
Same as above. but it MIGHT be cheaper instead of will.

Curtis-PMC1221B motor controller 750
Throttle controller 60
Main contactor 130
Main circuit breaker 110
DC/DC Converter 420
Voltmeter 48
Will this work? Meters - Voltmeter DC (0-3V/0-15V/0-300V) $12.65

Ammeter 48
Onboard battery charger (Do I need this onboard? I will only recharge at home) 550
If you ONLY plan to recharge at home then no, you don't need it. But what about when you have those rare instances where you have to drive all the way across town for a meeting, family reunion, or just to show it off? When people see "Electric" written on the truck they WILL stop and ask you questions, even invite you to car shows. don't underestimate the power of the electric.

Charger interlock relay 15
50 ft 2/0 welding cable 180
Cable lugs 144
Shrink tubing 5
Vacuum brake system 205
Heating system (I plan on using a space heater that runs only in the garage) 25
(Now you're thinking! but goodwill space heater = $10 during summer time.)

Electric wire and connectors 170
"Convert It" Manual 25
Library Card - Free

Hardware 300
Tools and supplies 100
Paint and supplies 100
Angle iron 50
Welding services 450
Flywheel resurfacing (or should I get a new lightweight one?) 55

Your Total $7,527.50
If my recommendations work: Approx $5422.15
Savings: $2,105 (my math might be off)

Don't limit yourself to NEW ONLY. Also don't discount the cost of the S-10. Do you already have it?

I'm just a rookie, but hopefully I can get you to view the cost in a different light. RED GREEN is the way to go. you can do this and still find plenty of places to shave cost.
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