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Originally Posted by mechman600 View Post
One more question: is it possible to run two controllers in parallel? Like a 48V 600A controller (hooked up to 8 batteries) in parallel with a 72V 450 A controller (hooked up the 8 battery 48V string with an additional 2 batteries in series. Just wondering, that's all. I realize it wouldn't save money. But it would to try.
A lot of larger motors have separate field windings so you have a total of 4 studs to hook your electrical cables up to the motor, one pair for the armature and one for the stater, in a series wound motor those windings get wired up in series, now as I understand it you could also power them up using separate controllers like you said, this is kind of how a SepEx motor works only it's all done in a single controller, SepEx motors, if I understand them correctly have a smaller gauge field winding so the part of the controller powering up that winding is lower power and thus cheaper to build in to this single controller, but back to your dual controller question, I think you could get away with two controllers controlling the two parts of the motor and I think it should work, I don't think it would give you a huge advantage and as you said it would have the cost of two controllers, altho they would be smaller controllers, it's not something I would bother trying unless I happen to have two controllers laying around... someday I might be at that point in life.
Check the [EV Tradin post] - Advertisement categories too, I bought my Altrax for my motorcycle on there, I did choose an Altrax for that because it's a much smaller vehicle then a car, I also wanted my motorcycle to be golf cart based, at least in the first incarnation, so that I would know what off the shelf golf cart parts could do, but I was able to get that controller for less then what they sell for on Ebay and I know that from time to time other speed controllers show up, you might also check to see if there are any local EV clubs in your area, a friend of mine is putting together a Nissan 300ZX that he bought from an EV club member and is using a motor and controller that he bought from another EV club member from a project that they gave up on, all brand new parts going in to a car that was an unfinished project as well.
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