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Originally Posted by visionary View Post
Update 003

So here is a concept sketch for the project. On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words, it should make it easier for anyone to understand what I am aiming for.

The “sketch” is done in photoshop with actual photos of each of the major components (inc driver) laid over a CAD drawing to ensure scale remains accurate. I have left the body transparent so the internals can be viewed. I will post a plan view and front & rear views when I complete them. The size and approximate mechanical layout are all fixed at this point, but styling issues can be changed in the final bodywork. I would like to hear any comments about the body shape and its probable Cd, I am aiming for less than 0.2.
Since this project as all about aerodynamic performance to achieve the goals, any suggestions would be welcome.
I really think to achieve your goals,you might have to enclose both front and rear wheels,maybe doors for a little ergo,but it is a proto so you can make it perfect as time goes on,and yes,it should turn heads when you have the final design worked out.Check out DP motors for lots of design and engineering tips[same applies to motorcycles]
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