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Point being, I can't weld and if there's rust there there's rust elsewhere. It's going to cost me money and time instead of buying a decent example. So I'll wait until I graduate and save up some money. Then search CL in the $500-$1200 range instead of $22-$700. Or just buy one out of state.

However if the fuel pump works and the car runs fine from there I won't be so set on a Metro. In fact I'd rather have a Saab Sonett V4 project than 70mpg. So if there isn't a pressing reason to get rid of the Probe it will be lower priority in the scheme of things.

Then again if the fuel pump doesn't work I'll be selling it and using the money for hookers and blow.

BTW, my parts friend got me some NGK spark plugs a step hotter than the stock ones, hopefully for better combustion (?). I'll have to make up some giant NGK logos to stencil onto the car lol

Anything else custom might wait until graduation when I have two other vehicles for backup.
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