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Originally Posted by visionary View Post
Project Overview

The principle project objective is to create a vehicle that has a maximum speed in excess of 100mph, can achieve 100mpg+ at its cruising speed of 70mph, from an engine displacement of 100cc.

So here is a concept sketch for the project. On the basis that a picture is worth a thousand words, it should make it easier for anyone to understand what I am aiming for.

I have done enough research to believe that these targets are possible, although they will be difficult to achieve. I will hamper myself further by choosing to run exposed wheels, which is a personal choice, as I don’t like the “dustbin” fairing style. I think it is important to ensure that the vehicle remains “cool” if it’s ever to be widely accepted.

Many years ago I was inspired by Amory Lovins’ Hypercar principle, then quickly realised that one of the biggest drawbacks would be congestion, which is already a major source of waste. Since then I have worked on “single person vehicles” as a part of the solution. I have already produced a full size prototype vehicle with single track and fully enclosed bodywork, which I will call an “internal motorcycle”. This initial vehicle is a pure “proof-of-concept” prototype and has no chance of being acceptable for road-testing on the public highway. Therefore I intend to use “Project 100” as a spin-off, which allows me to complete lots of road testing, without worry about registration and the fear of arrest, much as Craig Vetter does.

I have chosen to start with a Honda C90 “cub” as a donor vehicle, due to its high production numbers, horizontal engine design and low capacity. I will fabricate a new frame that allows recumbent seating and cover it with my prototype bodywork.

I would very much welcome all comments and opinions (positive and negative) as I document the project. This forum contains many wise voices and I am a firm believer in “the wisdom of the crowd”, and how that can provide a better outcome.
Good luck,were all learning,and it's guys like you, that take that first step into building a vehicle,inspire the rest of us to do something good.
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