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Originally Posted by theo22 View Post

Drawing looks great. a bit like ecomobile from Switserland.
Wheels outside look cool ok, the front wheel out is not as bad as the rear wheel. Maybey you could make transparent panels on the side to keep the looks and get better aerodynamic flow.
I'm a friend/college of Allert. I'm also building hypermiler like Allert's
With a 125cc Honda engine.
I drove it original for a while getting 106 Mpg (american gallon) at 45 Mph
Allert is getting 227 Mpg at 62 Mph.
I'm hoping to get the same results allthough I'll build a different fairing.
It will be more like the german Evomoto (see Home ).
Allert met with him last august and they got the same Mpg.
It also has the honda 125cc engine.
these engines have EFI, runs smoother and more economic than carburater.
I think it will be hard to get 70 Mph out your 100cc. that will take a very good fairing.
Allert's bike runs 80 Mph max with 125cc !

Good luck,
The worlds fastest bicycle, a fully enclosed recumbent[the Varna]does 82mph.So with a cad designed,low cd, cnc cut body,he may be able to pull it off.I recommend spending on a professionally built body,they look good and work well.Allert built a beautiful body,but I doubt this is the first time he's worked with foam,carbon,fiberglass.Most of us would need some courses offered by some of the kit aircraft builders to achieve his results.
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