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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
All I have to do is devise a way to get the argon from my welding bottle to the tire.
Our nitrogen fill "station" at work is just a bottle of nitrogen (exact same bottle that argon comes in). The only difference is that the flow valve is turned down quite a bit and at the end of the hose there is a tire chuck instead of a threaded nut to screw on to a welder.

Any new car that comes into the dealership that I work at is supposed to get Nitrogen fill for the pre delivery inspection. Do you know what this entails? Remove all four valve stems until the air stops pissing out. Refill with nitrogen and replace valve stem. Add the super cool green cap and BAM! You've just added $100 dollars to the cars value (meaning $100 dollars more in the dealer's pocket).

As has been mentioned, nitrogen's use in airplanes and race cars is for the expansion due to water vapor and to prevent tire fires, that is all.
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