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The car is actually in good condition tuneup wise and has the t-belt change, oil changes etc. It is a 5spd. These figures are strictly based on what has given me over the last 18k miles. Freeway average speeds 75-80 mph and in town driving not real aggressive nor conservative. That's why I want to get the gauge to see where I can improve. I am also a member at Fred's. I figured I would stop on over here and see how the non-diesel world looks. ha

Anyway thanks for the response!

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Welcome back from Crapcanistan!

68K is low miles. 43mpg? is it automatic? I'm at 323K with my 98 getting 48~49 on my daily commute. Unless you have a lot of stop and go check over the basic tune up stuff first. Freds TDI club will have the info.. and lots of info you don't need.. I mean LOTS. Usual items to check with only getting low 40's if not an auto, soot in intake from EGR, VNT sticking, timing not being spot on. At 10 years old has it had a T-belt changed yet? MAF and small intake leaks can also cause problems and not give a code.

Sorry, can't help on the scanguage. I've wondered about them for my 98 Jetta and how accurate they are with the rotary diesel pump that has no actual measure of fuel
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