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The EPA (and the X-Prize) account for both the electricity and the fuel burned on a drive. The EPA uses an equivalency of 33.7kWh / gallon of E10 gasoline. The X-Prize also puts E85 and diesel onto an equivalency with E10.

So, MPGe is only really useful to compare different energy sources with a common denominator. The Aptera 300MPGe number would be better if we also knew the conditions of the test.

Edison2 competed in the X-Prize with E85, and they got 110Mpge on the EPA Combined test. They now have built an electric version called the VLCe, and it got 245MPGe on the same EPA Combined test.

Back on topic: Ken do you know an average Wh/mile kind of number for your 39 mile drive? And getting 100MPG in charging mode is an excellent achievement!
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