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Ken and OldM, don't get me wrong, you guys are doers, and I respect that very much. But I do get concerned when the myth that people are too stupid to learn is perpetuated.

Usually I see it from engineering types as the problem for their particular solution, and as a people myself, I know it just isn't true.

Yes, standardized test routines like the epa drive cycle are invaluable when trying to predict how the average joe will do, and is as good a metric as any for comparing one vehicle to another in general. But the engineering types do not seem to want a path for people to learn and become smarter (job security?).

Hypermiler is a common word these days, it isn't considered as nerdy as it once was, things do change. So lets be careful when "marketing" our solutions that we don't throw people in general under the hopelessly stupid bus.
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